Season 16 Pre-Season Rumblings


Please take a moment to congratulate inhouse SWAT on their first Championship in BBKF. inhouse SWAT joined in 2008 for Season 3. They were able to defeat Autodraft Attack for the title, coincidently the only 2 losses (including the Championship) that they took both came from inhouse SWAT.

We recently caught up with inhouse SWAT manager, “Roger” to see what his thoughts were going into this season being the reigning Champion.

I’m looking forward to coming into everyone’s houses this season and disrespecting their families.

Congrats again to inhouse SWAT! Along with the receiving the Championship Trophy, inhouse SWAT has the privilege to rename the last place team….and surprise, surprise it’s SuperFly Eagles! Going forward they will be known as Lusty Geriatrics. As well as continued punishment for not abiding by the rules of the league, Turtle Power will continue to go by Sarang Hae Umma. Eat that damn chocolate Turtle.

Rivalry Week

Another season is upon us and cannot believe we made it to 16 with many of the original managers. Thanks to everyone for being flexible and adapting to the COVID Season. Let’s hope this upcoming season is a bit smoother. With that said, there are no major rule changes for this season. I think overall we’re in a solid place with points, positions, and settings. If we could only get the losers to actually do their punishment it would be perfect…

We do have one very, very significant change this season and that’s scheduling. Typically we let Yahoo mange the scheduling but realized that Rivalry Week made zero sense with the amount of data our league has. So @rabidtermite was able to pull all the data from every season and provide an appropriate Rivalry Week. By no means not perfect, especially for folks that are newer to the league, but we thought it was the best schedule. From there we then would set the rest of the schedule making sure rivals don’t play again. @rabidtermite will be posting a more in-depth look into how the schedule was set including a custom algorithm to determine the rest of the schedule.

The schedule is updated and ready for everyone to view!

League Dues

Remember that League Dues are to be paid BEFORE the draft which is TBD. Failure to do so will result in a loss of your 6th Round Pick.

League Dues: $50
Send Dues To: Venmo/Paypal – @themattkim/

Regular Season Winner: $100
Champion: $350 + Trophy (Previous Champion is responsible for shipping trophy to new Champion. New Champion is responsible for engraving trophy for their win.)
Runner-Up: $100
Third Place: $50

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