By the Numbers Week 1

Welcome back to another year of BBKF and By the Numbers. By the Numbers is our sometimes weekly, mostly whenever i get around to it, look at the results of our fantasy football action. With it being week 1, there isn’t a lot of analysis to be had, but as the weeks go on, we’ll hopefully give everyone more insight into how truly terrible we all are at fantasy football.

Weekly Winners and Losers

In Winners and Losers, we take a look at the teams that won and lost the week. This week’s high scorer was Hot Star with a very impressive 153.76 point game narrowly beating out NamePending (formerly Turtle Power) by 4.54 points. Not surprisingly Hot Star also had the least bench points (1.12) and the biggest winner (44.38). Low scorer goes to MUYFAYOGATO as the only team below 100 points, although Brown, Autodraft Attack, Slaters, SuperFly Eagles, and NeverPlydShenanigans all did their best to join them below 100 points. Slaters left the most points on the bench with 37.76. It will be interesting to see if this affected the outcome of their game.

Weekly Schedule Analysis

Week 1 schedule analysis, we take a look at if starting a perfect lineup would’ve made a difference in the results. As we saw above, Hot Star had the largest margin of victory, and it was over our team that left the most points on the bench. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, it would not have made a difference for Slaters. No changed results in week 1. All the winners would’ve still been the winner with everyone being perfect.

Theoretical Standings

Much like our winners and losers can affect the schedule analysis, the schedule analysis will affect our theoretical standings. Since it’s only week 1, and we didn’t have any changed results, not much shift here outside of position based off of points scored. NamePending (formerly Turtle Power) would be in first instead of Hot Star and inhouse SWAT and No Game would’ve switched spots. As we get deeper into the season, we’ll get a little more into detail on the efficiency metrics. It doesn’t mean a lot in week 1.

Add/Drop Analysis

Not much to look at here as there usually aren’t a lot of moves before the first week. One of the big pickups was Malcolm Brown to add 24.5 points…to the bench. Autodraft Attack with a good pickup with Robby Anderson. We may not keep tracking this as something has changed in the website and I’ll have to rework what I use to pull the data easily. We’ll see if I have time to update it.


That’s it from us for week 1. Good luck to all the managers in week 2, and we’ll see you back here next week (hopefully) for week 2’s analysis.

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