Preseason Rumblings (BBKF XV)


2020 has been quite the year and we’re only just through August. That said, as of today we have football coming. For how long? Only time will only tell. If we can get to the championship, then it’ll be a special one for sure, RONA BOWL 2020! None the less, welcome to the 15th season of Boo Boo Kitty Fuck!

Since the season is in limbo we’ve set some rules up for the upcoming season. I’ll do an official kick-off post once we’ve drafted but for now we won’t be making any major changes to the league this season outside of the rules I am implemented. These rules will only be in place for this season unless Rona continues onto the next. Please feel free to suggest any additional changes you may see fit before the start of the season.


1. If the NFL season is cancelled at any point prior to the start of Week 10, all money will be held for the following season.

2. If the season is cancelled between Week 10 and prior to the start of playoffs, the Bottom 6 teams buy in will be paid to the Top 6 teams (Top 6 teams double their money).

3. If the season is cancelled after the playoffs have started, all teams remaining will split the prize pool evenly.

4. We have added 2 IR spots on the roster in case any of your players contract the Rona. Waiver Wire order will remain the same.

5. Playoffs will be the Top 6 teams, we messed this up last season and weren’t able to have a loser’s bracket. So this is being implemented for this season and future seasons.


Remember that League Dues are to be paid BEFORE the draft on Saturday, September @ 4pm PDT. Failure to do so will result in a loss of your 8th Round Pick.

League Dues: $50
Send Dues To: Venmo/Paypal – @themattkim/

Regular Season Winner: $100
Champion: $350 + Trophy (Previous Champion is responsible for shipping trophy to new Champion. New Champion is responsible for engraving trophy for their win.)
Runner-Up: $100
Third Place: $50

The Live Draft is scheduled for Saturday, September 4 @ 4pm PDT (Sunday, September 5 @ 9am AEST).

More to come once we get the season rolling including announcing new team name for Turtle Power as well and intro to our new team. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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