By the Numbers Week 8

Weekly Winners and Losers

I noticed that this week we had two people tie for low scorer. It’s happened in the past and I missed it. I’ve updated the logic I use so that in the case of a tie both teams are listed. However, I still have to update the logic to correctly display the summary of the Winners and Losers.

We had 2 perfect lineups this week, with both Antonio Clown and No Game accomplishing the task. Unfortunately for Clown it wasn’t enough to overcome this week’s highest scorer, HELPLINE with 148 points. Low score this week goes to Hollywood with 81.38 points. SuperFly was able to defeat Dear Leader despite having the most bench points this week. Our first place team continues to dominate with his second biggest winner award of the season. Turtle Power picks up their second closest winner award with a 14.56 margin of victory over Nuts.

For the second week in a row we didn’t have any changed results, so we’ll move on to the variance analysis. inhouse had one glorious week to bask in the glory of the under 10% variance club, but leaving 16.6 points on the bench has them bounce just above the 10% mark at 10.41%. Both SoftServe and MUYFAYOGATO ticked up slightly, but remain well below the 10% mark. SuperFly also takes the lead in both total bench points and variance percent with 219/20%.

Theoretical Standings

With no changed results, there wasn’t a lot of movement. No Game and Brown both jumped MUYFAYOGATO with his loss. We’ve also doubled the number of teams where the theoretical and actual rank match, up from 3 to 6. SuperFly is now down from a rank variance of 9 to a rank variance of 3. In week 5, SuperFly had a theoretical rank of 2nd, but was actually in 11th. This week, they’ve moved up 6 spots to an actual rank of 5th while their theoretical rank is unchanged.

Final Thoughts

Another week didn’t really help me to see any stability in our performance based on actual points scored per week. In fact, with a few exceptions, everyone had a considerable improvement in week 8 over week 7. One of the factors that I haven’t been looking at is schedule. Brown has certainly been helped by catching several teams on off weeks. I’ll see if I can incorporate something regarding schedule into the column for next week.

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