By the Numbers Week 7

Weekly Winners & Losers

We have a new first (at least since I started tracking) in BBKF. inhouse SWAT missed a perfect lineup because they started a player at RB. inhouse missed a perfect lineup by 0.1 points (earning him least bench points for the second week in a row). David Montgomery scored -0.1 points. High score of the week goes to Brown with 160.72. Low score of the week goes to Brees Nuts with 65.26. SuperFly left the most points on the bench with 55.8, but thanks to playing this week’s low scorer still managed to get the W. SoftServe was the week’s biggest winner with a 55.67 point victory over inhouse. This week’s closest game was our fight for last place between HELPLINE and Slaters, which HELPLINE narrowly won with a score of 73.76-68.

No changed results this week, so not much to see here. Moving on to the point variances, inhouse joins SoftServe and MUYFAYOGATO in the under 10% variance club. Slaters, Hollywood, and No Game all inch closer. Also of note is HELPLINE, who has now left over 200 points on the bench.

Theoretical Standings

There was no changes in our top 3 in the theoretical standings. SuperFly managed to reduce his rank variance from 8 to 4 by moving into 6th place in the actual standings. Also of note is Slaters, with an efficiency of 88.65%, (good for 4th best) you’d expect to see them near the top of the leaderboard. However, they sit in last place in both theoretical and actual rank. They also have the fewest points scored (both actual and theoretical), which explains the poor ranking.

Final Thoughts

In final thoughts, I wanted to try something a little different. We’re a little over halfway through with the regular season, and I thought it would be nice to see how the teams are trending. The chart below shows actual points scored by team by week. SoftServe and Hollywood seem to have the most consistent charts. I would include MUYFAYOGATO in this if it weren’t for that week 5 bar for his 221 point week.

After realizing the chart didn’t really show us who was improving, I put together some cards that show our actual vs. theoretical points on a week by week basis. This gives you an idea of your efficiency week by week. I was hoping to be able to pinpoint one or two teams that were consistently getting better. However, the only thing that jumps out at me is that our top teams are consistently under 10% variance (apologies to Slaters). I’ll keep playing around with this idea and see if I can find something that gives us a clearer picture of what teams are getting hot as we get closer to the playoffs.

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