BBKF Power Rankings: Week 7

We have front runners! Hard as SoftServe and MUYFAYOGATO are leading the charge with only 1 loss each. Meanwhile the rest of the pack are fighting for the last 6 spots in the playoffs. All teams are still in and it’s going to be a must win for everyone to make it into this year’s new playoff format of 8 teams. 

A.C. Slaters are struggling to score and are at the bottom of the league and only team not above 700 points through 7 weeks. Turtle Power is on track for a historical Points Against this season with the only team with over 900 points there

Don’t forget to checkout By the Numbers! Some awesome numbers by our resident Stat Guru, Brown.

With that said, here are the BBKF Power Rankings for Week 7!


Image result for aaron jones gif

2 (2) Hard as SoftServe – 

Image result for dalvin cook gif

3 (6) Hollywood

Image result for lamar jackson fumble gif

4 (7) Forgotten Brown – 

Image result for Latavius Murray saints gif

5 (5) No Game…

Image result for jacoby brissett gif

6 (11) SuperFly Eagles – 

Image result for ezekiel elliott gif

7 (9) inhouse SWAT – 

Image result for patrick mahomes fail gif

8 (4) Hot Star – 

Image result for matt stafford fail gif

9 (3) Brees Nuts – 

Image result for kyler murray fail gif

10 (12) 888-7HELPLINE (NeverPlaydShennigns) – 

Image result for saquon barkley gif

11 (8) Turtle Power – 

Image result for deshaun watson fumble gif

12 (10) A.C. Slaters – 

Image result for gardner minshew loses helmet gif

This week’s Match-up of the Week is…

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