By the Numbers Week 5

It was a historic week in BBKF. All season teams have been flirting with breaking the high score record for the league, and this week MUYFAYOGATO shattered that record. Let’s get things rolling with…

Weekly Winners and Losers

MUYFAYOGATO pulls off the first trifecta of the year by winning high scorer, least bench points, and biggest winner. It’s his second high scorer award on the season. He also picks up the season’s second perfect week, leaving 0 points on the bench. Low scorer goes to Dear Leader with a total of 92.36, which is the highest low score of the year. Most bench points for the second week in a row is HELPLINE. We’ll look into the details of this later, but with an actual score of 159.5, you have to realize that something is a little odd here. Closest winner goes to Turtle Power with a 2.34 point victory over HELPLINE.

Only one changed result this week. It was in our closes battle of the week. Turtle Power narrowly defeated HELPLINE 161.84 to 159.5. HELPLINE left a ton of points on the bench, but as we look at the details, we can see that it’s all due to Will Fuller torching the faLcons for 51.7 points. That’s good for a 430% increase over his projection.

Moving on to the point variances, A.C. Slaters has joined MUYFAYOGATO and No Game in the under 10% variance club. Forgotten Brown was just on the edge at 10.83% last week, but this week’s performance moves them in the wrong direction. SoftServe is also very close at 10.15%. Who will be the first under 5%?

Theoretical Standings

We’ve got some changes in our rankings this week. Near the top of the standings, Brown and inhouse fall, while Clown and MUYFAYGATO rise. Meanwhile, at the bottom, HELPLINE moves out of the way to let A.C. Slaters regain his spot at 12. We’re seeing a little less variance in rank this week over last. The big outlier being SuperFly with a very impressive rank variance of 9.

Final Thoughts

With his huge week, MUYFAYOGATO now has the highest percentage of the total points. The scoring analysis and bench point analysis charts this week also reflect the huge number of points score, plus the large number of points left on the bench by HELPLINE.

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