BBKF Power Rankings: Week 5

Apologies for the lack of Power Rankings, but we’re back in time for Week 5! The standings are looking a little bit more spread out from the very top to the very bottom, with the majority of the teams within 1 game of each other. 

MUYFAYOGATO is at the very top riding a 4 game winning streak and bring home a brand new record for highest points scored with a whopping 221.02…..JESUS. Meanwhile 888-7HELPLINE is riding a 5 game losing streak still looking for their first win. Ouch. With the playoff format changing this season, SuperFly and 888 are still within reach to make the playoffs…for now. 

Some big games going into Week 6, with some MUST WIN scenarios for several teams. 

Don’t forget to checkout By the Numbers! Some awesome numbers by our resident Stat Guru, Brown.

With that said, here are the BBKF Power Rankings for Week 5!

1 (4) MUYFAYOGATO – Staying true to form as regular season juggernauts, is this finally the year of the Ugly Cats? They hold the best season record of 12-1 in Season 8 which they are on pace to do this season, but will it end the same with a first round knockout?

2 (1) Hard as SoftServe – SoftServe is a young team, but again tends to be a team to perform well in the regular season then falls flaccid during the playoffs. Can they erect themselves as contenders this season or blow their load in the first round?

3 (6) Brees Nuts – Record game last week, but for the wrong reasons. Both losses this season come from high scores of the week. Nonetheless this team continues to put up points and should have a shot in the playoffs if they can just get a little luck on their side.

4 (3) Hot Star – They should be proud to have a winning record at this point. Somehow this team is getting it done, though when they stink…they really stink. They’ll need to be more consistent with the wins if they want to make it into the playoffs and have a chance to redeem their season last year.

5 (7) No Game… – Win, loss, win, loss, win……loss? There’s a pattern here and it’s not a great one. After the first few weeks with blowouts, they’ve been battling some close games which could come down to a simple reception and yards. Though they have a hard one with SoftServe this week.

6 (5) Hollywood – Normally a regular season contender, Hollywood finds themselves with consistency issues. They were able to get back into the winning circle after 2 straight losses. Playing Hot Star this week means there’s absolutely no idea of how it’ll go as Hot Star is a complete wild card thus far through 5 games.

7 (9) Forgotten Brown – Black on Brown crime occurred during Week 5 as they snapped their 3 game winning streak. The former Champions are having a hard time finding rhythm on their roster starts. They’ll have a chance to do it against a struggling inhouse SWAT that started hot but has come down to earth the last 3 weeks.

8 (10) Turtle Power – What a win to bring them 1 game below .500 on the season as they were to stack some points this week. This team has the 2nd highest PA this season with over 700, but a nice bounce back against 888 last week has got them thinking playoffs for the first time ever. 

9 (2) inhouse SWAT – They started off hot but have completely cooled down as they take their 3rd loss in a row. They have a chance against an inconsistent Brown this week as they try to get back to .500 on the season and make a run for the playoffs. 

10 (12) A.C. Slaters – It probably says a lot when you have 3 terrible QB’s on your roster. Next man up as this team tries to limp through the regular season as players continue to get injured or even worse….not even show up on game day.

11 (11) SuperFly Eagles – Does the win vs. 888 even count? This team is being edged out week to week by teams and it doesn’t look great for SuperFly. They look to right the ship this week against Turtle Power and it’ll oddly be a close one again I’m sure. 

12 (8) 888-7HELPLINE (NeverPlaydShennigns) – 159.60 points and still lose? Ladies, meet the Going Off Team of the season as this team holds the highest PA thus far. They put in the effort last week, but the FF gods wanted no part in their victory. They might have a shot a 2peat this year…a good shot.

This week’s Match-up of the Week is…

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