By the Number Week 4

Weekly Winners and Losers

Another week and yet another team takes the high scorer of the week honors. Hard as SoftServe put up 164.9 points this week, which also sets the high score for the season. Low score of the week goes to HELPLINE with only 47.73 points. That is also good enough to set the low mark for the season. Just like last week with Clown, HELPLINE also got most bench points this week with 38.75. For the second week in a row, Slaters lead the league with the fewest bench points. Slaters also becomes the first team to start a perfect lineup. Who will be the second? SuperFly, by playing our lowest scorer, is this week’s biggest winner with a margin of 73.21. That surprisingly isn’t enough to best inhouse’s stomping of Turtle Power by 86.61 points. For the second week in a row, Brown has the closest win with only 2.98 points separating him from No Game.

No results changed this week, so not a lot to point out here other than the 0 in the Bench Points column for A.C. Slaters. Also of note is SoftServe’s theoretical 178.54 points, which would’ve set the record for highest score in BBKF history.

Looking at the point variances, No Game and MUYFAYOGATO are still the only two teams below 10% in point variance. Slaters perfect week has them very close to joining them. Brown is also close showing steady improvement since week 1. Last week it looked like SuperFly was going to be first to 100 bench points (84.4 last week), but with his performance (or lack of) this week, HELPLINE is the first to hit that mark.

Theoretical Standings

With no changes in results this week, there isn’t a lot of change in our theoretical rankings. Of note are SuperFly, who should be sitting in 2nd place instead of 10th. Slaters also moved out of the theoretical cellar to make way for HELPLINE who gets to be in the cellar in both rankings.

Final Thoughts

It took a while, but we finally had our first perfect week. Congratulations to Slaters. Hopefully for the rest of us it won’t happen very often. I’m working on putting something together that better tracks our weekly winners and losers so it’s easier to see in a snapshot who is leading in which categories and how many times they’ve won each one. Hopefully that will be ready in week 5.

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