By the Numbers Week 3

Again, sorry for the delay in getting this posted. With the conclusion of week 3, we’re finally starting to see some variances between the actual and expected results.

Weekly Winners and Losers

High scorer for the week goes to MUYFAYOGATO with 158.54 in an extremely close matchup with SuperFly. Low score of the week goes to Antonio Clown with a 63.04. That mark is also low enough to take the record for low score on the year away from his opponent this week, Brown. Not much a shocker here, but Clown also gets the most bench points award with 51.3. Which is also good enough to take the title for most bench points on the year away from Turtle Power. If you remember, Clown took home least bench points last week, and that just goes to show you how quickly fantasy football can turn on you. Slaters takes least bench points this week, and for the year, with only 0.2 points left on the bench. So very close to the seasons first perfect lineup. Forgotten Brown goes from closest win last week to biggest blowout this week with a 66.21 margin of victory over Clown. MUYFAYOGATO had this week’s closest win with a 158.54 to 156.32 win over SuperFly.

Weekly Schedule Analysis

We had three games this week that could’ve gone the other way with a perfect lineup. SoftServe, inhouse, and SuperFly all could’ve won this week with a little more luck in choosing who to start. This is the second week in a row for SuperFly. It is also the first time none of the matchups involved the owner that left the most points on the bench.

It came down to two decisions, one at RB, and one at WR. Carson and Woods fell far short of their projections while Gore and Moore both exceeded expectations. The big disappointment is with Carson who fell 81% short of his projected total.

inhouse had the most misses this week wtih 4. It’s hard to argue against the decisions made since all the players involved that started had higher projections than their suggested replacements, with Cohen falling short of his projected total by 80%, and McLaring exceeding his projecting by 71%.

Finally, we look at the breakdown for SuperFly. SuperFly benched Gurley last week and it partially caused the loss, and this week, starting Gurley cost them big. Gurley fell short of projections by 71%. While Fitzgerald didn’t fall short of projections by much (1.9%), the fact that Cooks exceeded his projection was also a factor in SuperFly’s loss.

Only two of our owners remain withing 10% of their perfect scores. No Game and MUYFAYOGATO are both within 25 points of their perfect score. On a positive note, everyone has moved below 20% variance.

Theoretical Standings

We’re starting to see a lot more movement in the rankings now that we’ve had 4 games with altered outcomes. The big winner here is MUYFAYOGATO with an actual rank of 1st, and a theoretical rank of 7. On the opposite side of things is SuperFly Eagles. With two changed outcomes, they would’ve jumped 8 spots from an actual rank of 11 to a rank of 3.

Final Thoughts

Each team as a percentage of total points scored.

Now that more and more results are changing, we’re starting to see a lot more movement in our theoretical rankings. I expect this will continue as the season progresses. Right now, the efficiency numbers back that up. The team with the highest efficiency has the highest rank variance, while the team with the lowest has the lowest rank variance. It will be interesting to see if that changes as the season continues.

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