By the Numbers Week 2

Sorry for the delay in getting this up. Between work and being out of town, I just didn’t have the time. I’m dropping the Add/Drop analysis. Yahoo! updated something that made getting the data a little more difficult. I’ll find another way over the weekend, and hopefully it will be back in week 4.

Weekly Winners and Losers

inhouse SWAT takes home the high score this week 161.97 points. That’s just .87 higher than Antonio Clown last week. No Game gets the low scorer award this week with a score of 74.22. That wasn’t low enough to oust Forgotten Brown from the spot for the season. Most bench points goes to SuperFly with 39.4 in week 2 which isn’t going to be enough to top Turtle Power’s 44.72 from week 1. Antonio Clown started the best lineup, only leaving a measly 2.54 points on the bench. I think the only way anyone is beating that mark is by starting a perfect lineup. And finally to the biggest/closest winners. No surprise here, inhouse gets the biggest win with an impressive 86 point margin of victory. Forgotten Brown was able to take down Dear Leader in our closest match of the week.

Weekly Schedule Analysis

For the first week, a perfect lineup would’ve changed an outcome in the results, and, not surprisingly, it’s in the matchup with our Most Bench Points winner.

If we take a deeper look at the lineup started vs. the best lineup, we can see that it came down to three decisions. It’s not too surprising that the decision to start Brees, McCoy, and Evans over Allen, Gurley, and Fitzgerald is what led to the loss. The fact that the three actual starters fell below projections while their alternates exceeded theirs is also no surprise.

We can see in the variance analysis that we’ve got a little improvement overall. We now have 4 owners under 10% off from their perfect score.

Theoretical Standings

With only one outcome difference there still isn’t a lot of movement here. SuperFly obviously has the largest variance since he turned a W into an L. Brees Nuts also has a variance due to total points scored.

Final Thoughts

Each team as a percentage of total points scored.

We’ll start Final Thoughts with a snapshot of each team to date. Some of this is covered in the Theoretical Standings, but here you can also see a snapshot of how many perfect weeks you’ve got (0 for everyone), your highest score, your lowest score, and finally your total bench points.

Finally, some charts showing your scoring and bench points. In the first image, the first column is highest score, the middle is lowest, and the last is the average. In the Bench Analysis, the first column is the Total, the second is the most in a week, and the final is the average. Hopefully I’ll have week 3 posted over the weekend.

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