BBKF Power Rankings: Week 2

Week 2 in the books and the points are pretty much all over the place. We still have 4 undefeated teams: Hard as SoftServe, Antoni-no Means Yes (Hot Star), inhouse SWAT, and Hollywood. Outside of Hard as SoftServe, the 3 other undefeated teams also represent the 3 lowest Points Against numbers. To be fair they rank near the top of Points For. 

Turtle Power already has over 300 Points Against going into Week 3 which is devastating to say the lease. They are trending toward being this year’s going off team, where teams just simply go off on them. A.C. Slaters season total was outscored by inhouse SWAT’s Week 2 score…so let that sink in.

Don’t forget to checkout By the Numbers! Some awesome numbers by our resident Stat Guru, Brown.

With that said, here are the BBKF Power Rankings for Week 2!

1 (3) Hard as SoftServe – Dalvin Cook has been the key for SoftServe’s hot start, but it’s only a matter of time before Cook goes down. Who would be next in line from a production standpoint? Brady (till Week 10) or Chubb (zero O-Line)? 

2 (6) inhouse SWAT – Is it inhouse SWAT’s year? They score this week’s highest points with monster games from Mahomes and OBJ. Keep an eye out on the bench and supporting cast though, one bad game from their stars and it could get ugly. 

3 (1) Antoni-no Means Yes (Hot Star) – Cum Back Season continues for Hot Star as they are only 1 win away from tying last year’s win total. That said, they also hold the lowest Points Against in the league. 

4 (7) MUYFAYOGATO – Overall nice team win for the Ugly Cats this week. Through the air and on the ground this team was able to get their first win of the season. Still waiting for Gronk to suit up though…

5 (4) Hollywood – Lamar Jackson straight stuntin’…the rest of the team not so much. This is a feast or famine roster and so far they’ve been eating. 

6 (5) Brees Nuts – Another monster game from Dak this week, but it wasn’t enough against a high flying SoftServe. None the less they have to like their chances with the likes of Julio Jones actually scoring and touchdown let alone two. 

7 (2) No Game… – True to the team name, No Game… scored this week’s lowest point total. It was lackluster for the whole squad thought Ross put up some points on the bench. This team needs RB’s and with a grip of WR’s they could possible in for some moves.

8 (10) 888-7HELPLINE (NeverPlaydShennigns) – Is it too early to call the team’s hotline? Ryan, check. Ridley, check. Barkley, check. Rest of the team, *crickets*. 

9 (12) Forgotten Brown – A win is a win? They will take it, but it’s another week where this team has failed to score above triple digits. No real help on the bench either. It was enough against bottom dweller A.C. Slaters, but don’t expect wins again anyone else in the league. 

10 (8) Turtle Power – DeSean Jackson was injured, not that it would have made a difference as Turtle Power was doubled up on (and then some). Watson has been under producing but there are more holes here than just who lines up behind the center. 

11 (9) SuperFly Eagles – I can’t remember the last time a QB came up with negative points and I’m pretty sure this is Brees’ first negative game ever. The Jared Allen show begins and his numbers have been respectable. But Shady over Gurley? This team might manage themselves into the Loser’s Bracket.

12 (11) A.C. Slaters – Baker Mayfield has been abysmal along with the rest of the team through two weeks. The hole is already looking too deep to climb out of going into Week 3.  

This week’s Match-up of the Week is any team that’s 0-2 and in a dire need of a win. Especially that shitty ass team, A.C. Slaters.

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