BBKF Power Rankings: Week 1

Picture this. Forgotten Brown and A.C. Slaters dueling it out for the Championship…then all the sudden they’re the only teams that didn’t score over 100 in Week 1. Truly the spirit of fantasy football. We caught up with the reigning Champs, Forgotten Brown, for a comment after Week 1. 

“Between a weak rushing game, poor QB performance, and injuries it’s not surprising to see us in last place. There’s nothing we can do but look forward. A win this week moves us out of last place, so that’s where our focus is.”

It is Thursday, which means it’s BBKF Power Rankings time! As most of you know Week 1 is a bit of a wash as far as Power Rankings go, but I’ll be your Huckleberry and play. I plan on using different formats in doing the Power Rankings from week to week. This week we’ll kick off with gifs of your best (or worst). 

Don’t forget to checkout By the Numbers! Some awesome numbers by our resident Stat Guru, Brown.

With that said, here are the BBKF Power Rankings for Week 1!

1 (-) Antoni-no Means Yes (Hot Star)

Image result for austin ekeler gif

2 (-) No Game…

Image result for deandre hopkins gif

3 (-) Hard as Softserve

Image result for julian edelman fail gif

4 (-) Hollywood

Image result for carson wentz gif

5 (-) Brees Nuts

Image result for dak prescott gif

6 (-) inhouse SWAT

Image result for patrick mahomes gif


Image result for russell wilson fail gif

8 (-) Turtle Power

Image result for Deshaun Watson fail gif

9 (-) SuperFly Eagles

Related image

10 (-) 888-7HELPLINE (NeverPlaydShennigns)

Image result for matt ryan sack gif

11 (-) A.C. Slaters

12 (-) Forgotten Brown

Image result for aaron rodgers tablet gif

This week’s Match-up of the Week is a bit of a no brainer. We’re going with a Championship rematch and the worst teams in the league…

A.C. Slaters vs. Forgotten Brown

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