By the Numbers – Week 1

In By the Numbers we will be analyzing all the data on a week by week basis to let everyone know how they are performing. In the past, most of this was done in Excel. However, I’ve finally finished building a model in my company’s software to analyze all the data. As a result of this, I really have too much data to present. I’ll start this week with some of the basics I’ve covered in past seasons. As weeks pass, I’ll be adding more and more to the column. Additionally, as the weeks go by, I’ll also do more team specific analysis to show who is improving and who isn’t. If you think of something you’re interested in seeing, let me know.

Weekly Winners and Losers

First we’ll take a look at this week’s winners and losers. High score of the week goes to Antonio Clown with 161.1 points in their match-up against our Dear Leader, A.C. Slaters. This also earned Clown the Biggest Winner honor. Low scorer of the week goes to two time defending champ Forgotten Brown with a pathetic 71.62 points. Maybe the fantasy Gods are punishing the champ for his hubris. Turtle Power left the most points on his bench with 44.72. Those points could’ve helped him edge out a win versus Hard as SoftServe. Our tightest game of the week was between inhouse SWAT and SuperFly Eagles. inhouse held on to win by only 6.62 points.

Weekly Schedule Analysis

Next, we’ll look at how everyone did in their match-ups for the week. We can see that even if everyone had a perfect lineup, none of the results would have changed. Three teams had a chance at breaking the high score record of 173.48, set by NeverPlaydShenanigns in Season 9, if they had been perfect. Antonio Clown, Hard as SoftServe, and Hollywood all could’ve set the new record. Clown came the closest with an impressive 161.1 points.

The tiles above show us the variance from a perfect lineup. Of note are No Game… and MUYFAYOGATO who were both very close to having perfect lineups. Interestingly, they matched up against each other in week 1.

Theoretical Standings

The theoretical standings don’t usually mean a lot early in the season. As you can see, for the most part everyone is exactly where the actual rankings put them. The three exceptions are Hollywood, Hard as SoftServe, and Turtle Power. Hollywood would’ve been in first place had they started a perfect lineup, but by leaving nearly 40 points on the bench, they end up with an actual rank of 4th. Similarly, Hard as SoftServe and Turtle power would’ve both moved up a spot to 2nd and 7th respectively.

Add/Drop Analysis

This is something new I’m playing with. I’m not exactly sure what this will end up being. For now, I’ve just analyzed all the adds/drops made after the draft and did a sum on points added and points lost. Really, this data is somewhat meaningless without analyzing the positions being added/dropped versus what the teams already have at those positions. Look for that to be added in the coming weeks.

Final Thoughts

Each team as a percentage of total points scored.

As I mentioned, I have tons of data and I’m not sure what everyone is interested in seeing. For example, I have data like the screenshot below that shows the team I started, the team I should have started, and a breakdown of how good Yahoo’s projected score is for each player (not good at all). I didn’t really talk about team efficiency. You can see the stats in the Theoretical Standings. I’ll go into that in more detail as the weeks go along. If you can think of something you want to see, I’ve probably got the data to show it.

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