Rivalry Analysis Part 3

Welcome back to part 3 of the analysis. We left off with inhouse SWAT, so let’s get started with…


Another original member of the league, MUYFAYOGATO has a third place and second place finish, but has yet to win it all. Will this year be the year they finally break through and take home a title?

This one is going to be a little trickier to figure out. So far, in most cases, we had a few choices right at the 50% mark that made it easy to pick a rival. In the case of MUYFAYOGATO, we’ll have to look in the 40% or 60% range as Hard as SoftServe is the only owner in the 50% range, and it’s only over 2 games. Forgotten Brown at 8-5 or NeverPlaydShenanigans at 10-13 seem like the obvious choices, but don’t forget about Hollywood at 9-12.


NeverPlaydShenanigns joined the league in year 2 and immediately rose to champion. They added a second championship in year 6, and finished in 3rd in year 11. They look to become the 3rd member of the 3 championships club this season.

Forgotten Brown seems the obvious choice with an even 8 wins and 8 losses, but A.C. Slaters is just one loss away from evening the series up. The next best option to these two is going to be MUYFAYOGATO at 13-10.

SuperFly Eagles

SuperFly joined the league in year two and won the title in year 4. They’ve also come just short and finished second in year 3 and 10. As the only active owner in the 1 title club, can SuperFly pull it off and join NeverPlaydShenanigns and Hollywood in the 2 title club?

Hollywood seems to be the obvious choice looking at the data. However, an argument can be made for Turtle Power at 5-3. To this point we haven’t talked about a lopsided rivalry. A rivalry where only one team acknowledges the rivalry at all due to the lopsided nature of the results. Due to all the smack talk directed at SuperFly from A.C. Slaters, maybe making them rivals is the motivation they need to even up the 5-12 record?

Turtle Power

Last, and possibly least, Turtle Power. Turtle Power joined the league in 2013 and has struggled a little to find success. 2014 was their best season with a 5th place finish.

Turtle Power best option for a rival is inhouse being only 1 win away from 50%. A case could also be made for SuperFly at 3-5. We could always go with the family connection and choose NeverPlayd, even though the results are slightly lopsided.

That’s it. All the data is there. Now Dear Leader just needs to make some decisions. I’m sure we can give our input and have it promptly ignored or made fun of…as is the usual. Good luck to all the owners in the upcoming season. I’m looking forward to putting together some in-depth analysis from week to week of our performance, Yahoo!’s projections, and alternate results based on if we were all perfect at setting our line-ups.

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