Rivalry Analysis Part 1

In 2017 Yahoo! added a rivalry week to the schedule. The problem with this is that the schedules are randomly generated, so this was a completely meaningless addition. We’ve all played someone different every year. I’ve pulled all the data, and at some point over the next few days/weeks, a decision will be made by Dear Leader.

Total Win/Loss Analysis

So, MK and I decided to take a look at the data and change that. After uploading all the weekly results going all the way back to BBKF I, we’ll hopefully be able to determine who the rivals are in this league. Apologies to our new owners, but since there’s no data on you yet, you’ve been left out of the analysis. It also likely means you’ll be rivals starting next year.

You can see from the Win/Loss Differential (Wins minus Losses), we’re all hovering right around 0. However, A.C. Slaters is showing an impressive +34 differential. On the flip side, we have Turtle Power with a -36 differential.

A better metric for success is the Win/Loss Percentage. If we take a look at that, we can see that most of us are hovering right around 50%. Hard as SoftServe and A.C. Slaters are a little higher and close to 60%, and Turtle Power is a little lower at 30%.

Team by Team Analysis

As we get deeper into the detail, we’ll be going team by team to see if we can determine who the rivals should be in the league. Obviously, some owners have been in the league longer than others, so some of the newer members won’t have as much data to make a decision on. Due to length, I’ll be splitting this into several posts so it won’t be too long.

A.C. Slaters

One of the original members of the league, A.C. Slaters has played against many owners that are no longer in the league. I chose not to filter that data out since I’m sure the owners would like to see how they stacked up against everyone they faced. With their championship in 2016, they became the first 3 time champion in BBKF history.

We can see from the data that there are several options here for rivals. Hollywood, MUYFAYOGATO, and NeverPlaydShenanigns are all in the 50%-60% range. We can also see that not many people that spent multiple years in the league get the best of A.C. Slaters. Forgotten Brown is the only owner currently active that’s better than 50% against them. Recently retired All K-Popstars is sitting with an impressive +4 on the Slaters.

Flaccid McFlaccidson (now Hot Star)

One of the newest owners to the league, Flaccid only has one year in the league. It wasn’t exactly the season they wanted, finishing the regular season in 11th place. However, they got hot in the Consolation bracket and ended up finishing 7th overall.

Flaccid played A.C. Slaters, Hollywood, inhouse SWAT, and SuperFly Eagles twice last year. Of those, only SuperFly and inhouse had splits with them. The obvious choice is to pair them with SuperFly due to the Australian connection.

That’s it for Part 1. Look for Part 2 coming soon…

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