BBKF XIV Kick-Off!

Boo Boo Kitty Fcuk Season 14 is upon us! I know I say this every season, but this year feels like another big one. We have 2 new Managers joining us and if there’s any indication from last year’s new blood (Howa)….they’ll be terrible.

Forgotten Brown will defend their title and first ever back to back Championship this season. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum is the team formerly known as NeverPlaydShenanigns (team to be renamed by Forgotten Brown) which will enter this season as last year’s loser. KKK has passed the crown and returns to their former Hollywood self.

The Live Draft is scheduled for Saturday, August 24 @ 4pm PDT (Sunday, August 25 @ 10am AEST). No major changes to the draft this season, but make sure to note that there are league changes to rules and scoring. These may alter your draft kits and strategies.

You can also see above the Week 1 Matchups even without team drafted. Some solid matchups to lookout for:

Hollywood vs. [Formerly NeverPlaydShenanigns) – Former Loser vs. Current Loser. Forgotten Brown vs. Brees Nuts – How will the current Champ welcome a rookie?

We will be updating the site as the season continues with updates including unbiased and completely neutral blurbs about each Manager in the league. Weekly Power Rankings from The Commish using a mixture of .gifs and shit talk. By the Numbers with Brown to provide analytical insight and deep dives into the league. Also lookout for guests contributors to the brand new site.

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