Off-Season Voting Results

Another year, another vote. We had a lot of the same topics to vote on by the Managers. Check out the results below and see what changes we’re in for this season.


Not even close. There’s no change in the dues and they will remain at $50.


Another landslide in voting for no change. There’s no change in the position format and they will remain QB 2WR 2RB 2FLEX (WR/RB/TE) K DEF.


A little bit closer, but there’s not going to be a change. INT will remain -2 this season.


This was a close one, but we will be adding bonuses to offense. QB/WR/RB/TE are able to receive bonus points hitting certain benchmarks through a game. This can result up to 6 points of bonus if a player achieves all 3 levels.


Another close vote here, but a change is in place for the playoffs. The BBKF Playoffs will now expand to 8 teams and shrinking the Loser’s Bowl to 4 teams.


Another year and there’s no change to the draft order by standings topic.


We’ve added additional punishment to your embarrassment. There will be a physical punishment added to your mental punishment of coming in last.

And there you have it, we have this season’s changes voted by the league!

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